Home base for all of my productions, mixing, and recording projects.

Control Room

The control room at Threshold is one of the finest sounding control rooms in Manhattan. It is built around a Trident Series 80-B large format console. Our front end is a Pro Tools HD system with Apogee Converters and a Big-Ben Clock and includes a full complement of plugins and virtual instruments. We also have a choice selection of top outboard preamplifiers and compressors including Neve, API, Daking, UA 1176's, and a Lexicon 480-L. We monitor through both NS-10's and Tannoys. 

Live Room

The live room is an acoustically tuned tracking environment. In addition to the live room, we also have a fully isolated vocal booth and two additional sound lock areas for amps to be set up during a full band tracking session. Threshold's backline includes a full drum kit and cymbal set, guitars and bass amplifiers, and a Baldwin Grand Piano.

For more information on the studio, visit Threshold Recording Studios NYC.