Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Threshold Studios - New Plugins and gear

I got some new Waves plugins recently and I have been really enjoying them. The top of the heap is the CLA Classic Compressors, featuring software models of Chris Lord-Alge's both blue and black 1176's, an LA-2A, and LA-3A. They sound quite excellent. Since I can't afford a rack of eight 1176's, I will certainly settle for these guys. A blue 1176 followed by the LA-2A makes for an excellent vocal chain.

Threshold Studios, my homebase for recording, producing, and mixing, also upgraded its Waves bundle. The updated bundle includes the Neve modeled V-Series. The clear winner here is the VEQ3, which is a model of the Neve 1073 EQ module. 

The timing of the upgrade was both coincidental and serendipitous. Just a week prior we added two Neve 1073 LB preamps to our 500 series rack. These are some of the best bang for the buck pre's out there.

So between the Compressors, the SSL bundle, and the Neve bundle (plus, ya know, some real hardware API and Daking EQ's, 1176's, and Summit, DBX, and Daking Compressors) the mix room is coming together nicely.

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